CiPA Work Streams


Ion Channel

Develop voltage clamp protocols for core set of cardiac ion channel types.

In Silico

Develop consensus in silico model to reconstruct electrophysiologic activity within a heart cell.


Investigate capabilities of human stem-cell derived cardiomyocyte assays to confirm findings of in vitro and in silico assays.

Human Phase I ECG

Use human phase 1 ECGs to evaluate potential unanticipated effects.

CiPA Steering Team

The Steering Team acts as liaisons between the work streams and the organizations and stakeholders and meets to discuss project milestones. The Steering Team is composed of members from the following organizations:

FDA, HESI, CSRC, SPS, EMA, Health Canada, Japan NIHS, PMDA

CiPA Disclaimer

While there are many additional partners involved with CIPA, the Steering Team has a new statement about use of the CIPA logo, name or endorsement by the Steering Team. Read the document here.