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Slides now available for the CiPA Update meeting held on December 6, 2016. View them online here.

Two new manuscripts were recently published in PLOS One: “Electrocardiographic Biomarkers for Detection of Drug-Induced Late Sodium Current Block”  as well as the companion methods paper “Automated Algorithm for J-Tpeak and Tpeak-Tend Assessment of Drug-Induced Proarrhythmia Risk”. Download the PDFs on our Publications page.

The ECG signals and clinical information of the two clinical studies are available at:
The source code of the automatic algorithm described in the methods paper is publicly available at

Check out the latest Science article featuring CiPA: 

A painstaking overhaul for cardiac safety testing. Science  02 Sep 2016:  Vol. 353, Issue 6303, pp. 976-977 DOI: 10.1126/science.353.6303.976